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How to Fix Reinstall Directx

Microsoft DirectX may be very important software when it comes to handling games and increases gaming performance in Windows-based operating systems. Nowadays, most popular games like GTA V, Mass Effect required high-performance CPU power and graphics runtime architecture components. These video games depend on DirectX and due error corrupted library within the DirectX Runtime Components may result in game crashes and unable to open game problems. there's an official DirectX repair tool available for Windows computers.

If you're a gamer then you recognize how important DirectX is? DirectX may be a crucial part of Windows 10, require to play high-class games on Windows computers. But sometimes due to some errors, users face DirectX errors on Windows 10. Today we'll show you how to uninstall DirectX and how to reinstall DirectX 11 in Windows computers. the matter may occur because of an installer will skip the DirectX installation and finish installation normally. you'll try how to reinstall DirectX 11 or how to repair DirectX on Windows 10 computers.

Here you'll find some of the simplest tools to uninstall and reinstall DirectX also as a simple method to update DirectX.

Option 1 – Changing the Registry

This simple solution doesn’t require third-party applications and should work for many users. you only need to make a minor adjustment within the registry so as to form it seem like there's an outdated version of DirectX installed. this easy fix will make sure that Windows allows you to install a new version of DirectX. you'll follow the below steps:

. Press Win key+R and type Regedit within the Run Box and then hit Enter.

. Locate the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftDirectX.

. There you'll see “Version” also as an information value of

. Click Version twice and alter the information value to then close the registry editor. After this, you ought to be ready to download and install a new version of DirectX.


DHU stands out from other options by offering a richer set of features and functionality. It supports all versions of DirectX, including DirectX 11 and it allows you to backup and restores, as well as providing a CD rollback and a complete install solution. DHU offers a wide selection of options for DirectX management and it's significantly more powerful than other alternatives. the matter is that unlike other tools, DHU isn't free and while it can get the work done, many users feel that paying almost $20 USD for a tool that most likely will only be used once, isn't worthwhile.

After all, the probabilities of getting to uninstall and install DirectX quite once are very slim. you ought to also keep in mind that albeit you successfully complete the process of uninstalling and reinstalling DirectX, there's no guarantee that this is able to solve all the problems you may have with the multimedia performance of your PC. In any case, DHU might be an effective fix for many users and therefore the fact that it works for Windows 7 and Vista, apart from XP, 2000, 2003, and 2008 is additionally a plus.


DirectX Buster (DXB) is another application that satisfies our purpose, but DXB is only compatible with Windows 9X, ME, and 2000. What’s good about DXB is that it's easy to use and it's free (J). DXB PCB provides complete uninstallation support for the DirectX versions 5 to 9. It also can be utilized for a similar in Windows 10, but the experts recommend not doing it because the newer Windows versions have different libraries for DirectX and also due to compatibility issues with a similar.

What is does is, it asks us for the first Windows CD because it restores all the first files. Additionally, it creates a backup of the changes that occurred and allowed us to roll back if something goes wrong.

Though the capability of DirectX Buster in newer versions of Microsoft Windows is questionable, it just about does what you're looking for within the versions it's compatible with.

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